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  • Rehabilitation programs to optimize independence
  • Fulfilling recreational and leisure programs for all interests and abilities
  • Physical activities
  • Musial Entertainment
  • Art and creative classes
  • Multi-sensory therapy program
  • Resident safety programs
  • Garden and horticultural activities
  • Community and cultural events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Intergenerational and volunteer programs
  • Friendly pet visitations

Each resident has a specific activity calendar designed for them on Activity Pro Calendar.  Contact staff to access your loved ones Activity Pro Calendar.

What the residents think about Pavilion activities

“I think it is wonderful, it helps you enjoy life!”
“Exercising make us feel positive because it is good for us.” 
"It makes us feel at home and exhilarated, especially the dancing.”
"The trivia is a lot of fun; the programs give us residents something to do.”

“Therapeutic recreation plays an important role in the lives of residents living in long term care. Meaningful programming provides stimulation, engagement, social interaction, and purpose to those living here at The Kiwanis Pavilion. A person-centered and holistic approach is taken to promote emotional and physical well-being and quality of life. A variety of programs are offered to residents focusing on cognitive, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical domains of health with a goal of increased movement, cognition, and fun. The Kiwanis Pavilion prides itself on new and innovative programming to reach the needs of all of our residents within a comfortable, home-like setting, ensuring there is something for everyone.”

Krista C.
Manager of Therapy Services

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