Private Pay

Information About Unsubsidized Rooms

The Kiwanis Pavilion has 6 unsubsidized rooms, situated throughout the facility on all units. The Director of Resident Services and the Social Worker manage the admission process for an unsubsidized room.  Applicants may be from out of province or region; however, they must meet the admission criteria for the facility, e.g. Dementia as a primary diagnosis.

Monthly cost includes all supplies and services offered to our subsidized residents. All programs and services offered are listed in the Admission Handbook. Call or email us for up-to-date rate information.

Admission to an unsubsidized room is based on the waitlist date, the resident’s assessed needs, and the suitability of the unit programs to the resident’s current care needs. The Director of Resident Services makes the determination of the appropriateness of the applicant in consultation with the Social Worker, Dietitian, and other team members, and depending on the complexity of the care needs.

For more information, or to discuss options for your loved one, contact us at, or call 250-598-2022